Our Heart

In Chinese medicine, every organ has a function and responsibility. These functions are not all physical; they are psychological and spiritual as well. The heart has a special importance as it is the ruler of all the other organs, and when the body is healthy and balanced, the heart is a kind and benevolent ruler.

The theory is that the heart is the center of perception itself, our self awareness. Therefore, the ability to connect with others, have meaningful relationships and live a fulfilling life is the essence of a happy, healthy heart. The path to joy is living with wisdom and purpose, seeking truth in all things and having meaningful connections to ourselves, others, and the planet.

Joy Of The Heart

The emotion of the heart is joy. When we experience this wonderful emotion honestly, we are feeding our hearts. When there is a lack of true joy in our lives, the heart is most affected. When the heart energy is depleted, we can suffer from insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, an inability to think clearly, forgetfulness, have a lack of concentration and poor memory. In extreme cases, we can see manic behavior or even coma. Living a joyful life and expressing emotions freely is an excellent way to keep the heart energy full and the body healthy.

The Heart Opens to The Tongue

The tongue is the root of the heart. Problems with speech are a good indication that there is a heart meridian imbalance. Symptoms like talking incessantly, speaking very quickly or laughing inappropriately indicate a meridian imbalance of the heart. More serious heart disharmonies can lead to stuttering and aphasia.

The sense of taste is also a reflection of the heart energy. If the heart energy is healthy, we are able to taste all the flavors of food.

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A tongue with a red tip indicates a heart energy imbalance, usually heat. Heat in the heart meridian can manifest as sleep issues, palpitations, red complexion and a bitter taste in the mouth. Excessive heat in the heart meridian can be caused by extreme grief or worry, chronic stress or emotional trauma.

Your Heart Health

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, expressing ourselves honestly, and living in accordance with our true natures will feed and nourish the heart.

The color associated with the heart is red; foods red in color are seen to nourish the heart. Most are considered warming in nature and are are used to nourish the blood, improve circulation and build fire energy in the body, and are highly recommended for people suffering from symptoms such as cold limbs, pale face, anemia, muscle weakness and palpitations.

Foods that strengthen the heart and nourish the blood are:

Common Supplements and Medicinal Herbs

*Angelica Root (Dan Gui) *Chlorophyll *Goji Berries *Pollen

*Royal jelly


*Apricots *Avocados *Blackberries *Blackcurrants *Blueberries

*Cherries *Dates *Figs *Grapes *Longan

*Lychee berries * Mulberries *Raisins *Raspberries


*Beef *Beef liver *Chicken *Duck *Lamb

*Pork *Turkey


*Beets *Chlorophyll rich foods (greens) *Edamame *Kale

*Reishi mushrooms *Shiitake mushrooms *Sweet potato *Swiss chard



*Black beans *Black soybeans *Kidney beans *Lima beans *Pinto beans

*Aduki beans *Tempeh *Yellow soybeans

Nuts and Seeds

*Black sesame seeds *Coconut *Flax seed *Hazel nuts

*Lotus seeds *Peanuts *Walnuts *White sesame seeds


*Cheese *Cow’s milk *Egg yolk *Eggs *Fertile eggs

*Goat’s milk *Yogurt

Oils and Enhancements

*Coconut oil *Miso *Molasses


*Mussels *Oysters *Salmon *Shark *Sturgeon *Tuna

Seasonings and Spices

*Nettle *Parsley


*Oats *Wheat germ

Your Heart/Your Life

You were given one heart. Even though that heart has seen love, joy, sorrow, triumph and defeat, it is still the only one you have - so treat it well, and in return, it will keep you around to experience a few more of life’s great wonders.

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