Find Your Passion

Sutra III.14: The past (santa), present (udita) and future (avyapadesya) are all natures that originate (dharmanupati) from a single nature (dharma)

The word dharma (pronounced phonetically with a slight ‘huh’ sound after the ‘d’) has multiple definitions around the same theme. It is yoga’s word for the gifts and true talents you were born with, your most authentic make up. As I sit to write an article about passion for my September blog, I feel compelled to introduce the concept of dharma to you.

As I begin to work with individuals on their personal practices, we are often faced with the intention of eradicating stress or anxiety from their lives. One approach I have taught many students is the idea of tapping into their talents, spending time on themselves, listing what they are naturally good at. I ask them to spend time working to honestly accept that they are awesome. We all have it (our awesome) - it’s just that somewhere along life’s journey, some of us have hidden it away within ourselves and covered it up with to-do lists, shoulds and other toxic screens that keep us from our authentic nature.

To find something you are truly passionate about includes connecting to your dharma. Our work often includes trying to spend time or thought on the student’s gifts. If life has truly gotten you down, it probably means you have lost touch with what sparks you. Feeling helpless or hopeless about a situation in your life may be a sign that you have to tap into your dharma. Passion is derived from that which we identify with, things that speak to us. If we spend quiet time within ourselves during or after our yoga practice, we can look past the blocks due to our relaxed state. Yoga is all about self-study (if you remember from my past blogs), so part of the goal of anyone’s yoga practice is to study oneself on as many levels as one can reach. Personalized yoga practices that include mantra, breathwork and meditation are a great resource to tapping into your true self!

“Dharma is that which supports you,

Dharma is that which stops you from falling,

Dharma is that which picks you up after you have fallen.”

-TKV Desikachar

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