Summer is officially here and Autumn is around the corner - and that means change! The long warm days are starting to get shorter, and soon green will be turning to orange, red and yellow. But what about us? With changes going on around us, our bodies are naturally bound to react - so to prevent flu-like symptoms or other negative effects, acupuncturists recommend getting your dose of seasonal acupuncture.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) beliefs, whenever there is a season change, the energy frequency of the body (or a person’s “qi”) may not be in harmony with the season’s frequency. Therefore, a person’s qi may become blocked, which leads to negative side effects like bodily sickness and mood swings. Acupuncture can help unblock that qi so the person’s energy aligns itself with the season.

In TCM, universal changes are characterized as “macro-cosms” or big changes, and our body reflects those changes with its own smaller changes, known as “micro-cosms”. Our bodies reflect seasonal changes in simple ways like what we crave to eat. Who wants to eat a big heavy stew in the middle of summer? Not me.

We know our bodies reflect the seasons, but why is season change a good time to get acupuncture? According to TCM, transitions of the seasons are often times of turmoil. By nature, people are already in a state of imbalance, so these seasonal transitions exacerbate imbalances in our qi.

People might ask “Why get a treatment if I’m not sick?” The answer is this: prevention. Here are the top three reasons why you should have an acupuncture treatment at the beginning of every season:

  1. Prevention – Help your body stay healthy during seasonal transitions

  2. Maintenance – If you have had issues in the past like chronic illness or allergies, this is the time to get a tune-up

  3. How Acupuncture is designed – Acupuncture works better as prevention

Summer is associated with the “earth” element and the emotion of worry. Autumn is the “metal’ element and the emotion of sadness. For some people, the transition from Summer into Autumn is very unpleasant and can make some feel very sad. If mood swings are severe and allergies are a regular nuisance, herbal treatments along with acupuncture may be prescribed. Other helpful tips besides getting an acupuncture treatment are: getting lots of rest, eating well, and staying active.

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