Moving through transition in life is not always an easy endeavor. Sometimes the harder we try, the more we struggle. Transitions are an integral part of life and growth. The more grace we have moving through them, the easier they will be.

I believe there are not big or little transitions - there are just transitions. We have to move through all of them in a similar manner no matter what the transition may be. I believe that all transitions have components that can be broken down for us to tackle step by step. If we move through one step at a time, this will help us tremendously - although it is not always easy.

I have been through a fair number of transitions recently, most notably, becoming a parent. For many, deciding to become a parent and the events that follow flow easily. None of this did in my life. For me, deciding to become pregnant was the first of many transitions...then realizing we were indeed pregnant...then discovering we were pregnant with twins...then learning that many twin pregnancies happen early and often result in the babies needing advanced medical care, NICU time and other procedures. We went through all of this, and perhaps not so unlike other parents, but for me, these were a lot of difficult transitions.

When I allowed (and still allow) these elements to hit me one at a time, it helped. It wasn’t always the case that only one hit at a time, but I did the best I could moving forward using the tools I had. By no means was it always graceful, but it helped to make the transition much more manageable for me.

Throughout this process, the tool I used most often was my studies in Qigong. Integral aspects of the Qigong practice are to “go with the flow, keep it simple and to move with and like nature.” These are tools that translate directly into every moment of life. I was reminded to breathe and slow down. It helped me to stay calm and connected to my center and to easily find it when I felt lost. The tools from Qigong also helped to keep in mind what was really important and to be able to prioritize in that way. I was able to maintain a better body-mind connection so I could keep track of what I needed or was capable of.

As we move with grace in Qigong, we begin to move with grace in life. One movement flowing into the next movement to mimic nature in Qigong directly helps take one movement/moment at a time in life. We do our best to stay in the present moment in Qigong, thus teaching us how to do it in life. Qigong helps us to move through all transitions with greater grace and ease.

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