There are several practices and aspects of Qigong that can help build resilience. I find the biggest part of it is learning to be in the present moment and setting a positive intention for oneself of all things being perfect and that nothing outside the present moment is relevant. When we are here in this moment, when we can be with our breath, life is easier, life is rich, and joy and health can be felt.

On another level, Qigong helps to build physical resilience after weakness, injury or surgery. The movements are very gentle and slow, suitable for all abilities and skill levels. By moving slowly and within an accessible range, we can retrain the body to work efficiently and cohesively again. The joints, ligaments and tendons figure out how to work in a fluid motion and heal themselves through an increase in circulation and energy. The slow movements and quiet mind also train our bodies and minds to reconnect, creating a stronger body-mind connection. With greater body-mind connection, we are more conscious of how things affect us and feel on a physical level, thus allowing us to move properly with less strain and injury. This allows us to navigate through life with greater ease so our joints, tissues and muscles can heal.

Another perspective for resilience and Qigong is on a deeper level and probably the most profound of all. Qigong can help us to be healthier, stronger and more whole. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, which Qigong is a part of, it is believed that everything we have been through in our lives creates the whole of who we are today. Stress, trauma, drama and pollutants, are some examples of these elements which can create blockages and imbalances in our energetic system. These blockages and imbalances can show up as allergies, depression, anxiety, addiction, pain, stiffness and cancer. Through Qigong, we circulate, balance and cultivate energy in every practice - helping to free blockages and restore balance. This leaves us to feel stronger, healthier, happier and with greater resilience with all things that come our way.

Resilience is sometimes described as the ability to bounce back into shape. I don’t find this aspect to be the strength of this word. I find that resilience is more about the ability to move forward with what we have learned in a given process. Through teaching Qigong, I have assisted many people in building, creating or moving through life with greater resilience.

In Qigong, we are taught to build an inner foundation of chi and strength so that when tough times strike, we won’t break. An example of this would be preparing for surgery by practicing Qigong. People who practice Qigong a month or more before surgery have found that the surgery and recovery are much smoother and with fewer setbacks.

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