Grounded In Nature

Have you ever felt spacey, flustered or disconnected? Do you find yourselves not being able to concentrate, remember things, or have difficulty with conversation? Have you been bumping into things or dropping objects? Do you feel disconnected from your own body?

Take a long look at the above photo. Do you feel your breath soften? Do you feel calmness enter your being? Do you feel a sense of beauty and love come over you? Could you immerse yourself into that space? Although the image may not resonate with everyone, we all know a place or photo that does resonate with us if we allow it - just as in those moments you practice Qigong. With Qigong, we connect deeply with nature in every practice. This might be through seeing an image of nature, practicing in nature or moving like nature. When we have a disconnect with earth energy, we are ungrounded. This is when we find ourselves spacey and disconnected as well as having a difficult time being present. It doesn't take much time or energy to become grounded.

In Qigong movement practices, we move like nature, often placing ourselves there in our minds and then flowing with no beginning or end and no stress. We allow our breath to follow the flow as well - smooth and easy like water flowing in a creek.

In internal or stillness practices, we connect with the calm of nature exactly as we did above. We allow ourselves to become immersed in a visual or in the now of nature enough that we feel it change our breath, posture or attitude. This can always be done by seeing ourselves in nature, but by being directly in it will benefit us even more.

Connecting with nature helps us to ground, quiet and find ourselves. It allows our energy to reboot, thus allowing us to feel more energy, more connected with ourselves and also feel happier, healthier and more at ease. It allows us to physically be more connected to the earth and also to where we are in time and space, thus allowing us to be more present. Studies have shown that as well as feeling better, grounding in nature helps reduce the risk of heart attack, allows for better sleep, and increases balance and decreases pain.

I encourage you to learn more, to feel more and to be more connected with yourself. Contact Life’s Journey Wellness to register for a class or for private instruction with me.

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