Self Love


Sit comfortably and upright with your spine relaxed and elongated as if a golden thread is holding you up, supporting you and connecting you to the sky. Allow your eyes to gently close and feel your breath moving in and out. Just notice it: the inhale and the exhale. Every breath in fills you with all you need while every exhale allows you to let go of all that does not serve you. Allow your mind to clear by remaining focused on only your breath. If you find your mind wandering, do not judge. Only notice it and bring your awareness back to your breath. Continue to do this if your mind continues to wander. Notice it and bring it back without judgement. Using your mind, activate a memory, thought, image or picture which causes you to smile - one of those soft, warm and friendly smiles that gently softens the corners of your mouth. Find the kind of memory or image that fills you, that you can feel the joy of throughout your body, the kind that might make your belly tickle or give you chills. Allow the warm, soft, gentle energy of this smile to increase and fill you. Go ahead and breathe it in. Feel it. Fill yourself with it. Your mind leads your energy. So using your mind, bring this smiling energy to the point in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows at your brow point. By breathing into this space, we send energy to it. See the healing, smiling energy filling this space. Allow it to gather and accumulate like warm water slowly filling a deep bowl. Let it fill until it begins to overflow, then let it overflow. Place the tip of your tongue at the roof of your mouth just behind your front two teeth. Placing your tongue in this location allows your energy to flow through the internal pathways to your organs. Let the energy now overflow from your brow point. As you breathe in, draw this warm energy down from your brow through your tongue and throat to your heart. Your heart is the size of a clenched fist. It is inside your chest slightly to the left. All day long, your heart is working for you. It sends blood and oxygen to every cell. It is your emotional center and it radiates loving healing energy. Directing your energy with your mind, send your smiling, loving energy to your heart. As you continue to breathe into this space, continue to bring the energy into it, filling the heart with smiling energy. Become aware of these corresponding characteristics that go with the heart. The element is FIRE. The color is RED. The temperature is HOT. The season is SUMMER. The emotion is JOY. The sound is LAUGHING. You will feel the energy of the heart grow. You will begin to feel the light, warmth, love and tenderness as it fills and and is fed. Now, as we feel this smiling energy overflow from the heart, we let it flow into the space at your navel. Place your palms on your navel, one hand over the other and again using your mind, draw the energy from your heart into your navel. Let this smiling energy fill the space under your hands. Remain here until it feels right to slowly rest your hands down and allow your eyes to softly open. Smile at your heart today and everyday. Thank it for all it does for you. Through Qigong, we are reminded that love is in us. We are love and it is all around us. When we can move through life with these eyes, we will attract more love and our self love will continue to grow. We honor ourselves by being still, present and by opening to this love. Quieting our minds takes time as does loving ourselves. We begin now. Let the light shine in and let your light shine out.

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