Finding and Being Your Authentic Self

Everything we’ve been through in our life creates who we are today: the good, the bad, the trauma, drama, the stress. Some things from our past barely affect us while other things get stuck in us and can change our lives completely. Some things change us in very good ways, while other things create fear, stagnation, pain, and stress. Some things we never realize changed us, while others might affect us for the rest of our lives. There are ways for us to get through this and to be and feel as if we are our true selves again. Imagine being in a car accident. You might have experienced some associated physical trauma. Perhaps you did physical therapy for this injury and now the pain is much less, but you still feel it. There is another side trauma that you may not notice as often. In fact, you might only feel it in certain situations. Maybe you feel anxiety every time you get in a vehicle, or short of breath with a tightening in the abdomen whenever you drive down that particular road. The car accident may have caused energetic blockages, imbalances and potential disease that could stay with you the rest of your life. This past trauma has a hold on you and is keeping you from being your authentic self. In this case, Qigong aides in moving the energetic blockage to release what we do not need. Some things release easily. Other things might take more work to release. But if things are not released, they can remain a part of you and control you. Perhaps you might make decisions based on this past trauma, even though the trauma may not be directly affecting you anymore. Qigong can help us find our authentic self again. By being present and in the moment, we do not feed those other things anymore. We feed the moment and feel the moment thus allowing the effects of our past to dissipate. There are several qigong practices that help bring in all that is good and release everything we do not need or is no longer serving us. Traumas from our past no longer serve us. They may have at one point, but not today. We can let it go in order to return to our authentic selves. The more we let go of the past and let new experiences wash over us, the more we are free. The more present we are, the more we become who we truly are. Our authentic self is here with us always, just waiting to be revealed.

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