Good Grief

We all experience grief at some point in our lives. It is a natural, healthy emotion. It is when it lingers too long or becomes too heavy within us that it can do harm. Qigong is a great tool to help us work through grief. It can help us gain strength to move through the grief so it no longer has a hold on us. It is not that we should forget about what we are grieving, rather we need to feel it in order to let go of it. This allows us to create new space within us for positive emotions to fill us, to heal us. Many of us have been in that place in speaking or thinking about something and we feel it physically, almost consuming us, like pressure, often in the chest or abdomen. This is not uncommon. Grief hurts everywhere. Through Qigong, we can better allow this grief to move through us instead of allowing it to be embodied within us. One of the ways to work though this is to create new thoughts, to embody the good and to not feed that which ails us or is negative. By doing this, we create new pathways in our brain. This is an integral part of Qigong. There are also more specific practices that can work to boost and balance lung energy within the body. The emotion of grief is linked to the lungs. With excess, prolonged or unmanaged grief, lung issues may arise. Qigong practices incorporate mindfulness, meditation, breath and gentle movement. All practices work with creating new thoughts, embodying the good, increasing and balancing lung energy, and helping us to be whole and strong so we may move through life with greater health and grace. ​​

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