Blog: Meighan Laubenstein, NCBTMB

This event was created for several reasons; education, vision, gratitude, opportunity, and energy flow.

  • To educate the world about emerging medical research regarding Tai Chi and Qigong in our world today in the realms of healthcare, education, business and rehab to name a few.

  • To provide a global vision on cooperation for health and healing purposes across the world- to help us all to embrace wisdom from all cultures in the world.

  • To thank the Chinese Culture for these gifts by giving a cost free opportunity for beginners.

  • To  create and energy flow, aka WAVE OF CHI (Chi=ene...

This month’s topic is the second part of a Wellness series, caring for your body.  I’m going to give lots of information about tools to help create a well body, but first I’d like to look into stress and the role it plays in the human body.  For many, when we think of stress, we think of how it is in our brain, the mental stress, without acknowledging how it affects the body.  Stress, especially chronic stress, is greatly linked to an unwell body.

Stress affects the body on all levels, from the cellular level, hormones, organs, nerves, blood vessels to muscles and even digestion.  We...

Moving through transition in life is not always an easy endeavor.  Sometimes the harder we try, the more we struggle. Transitions are an integral part of life and growth. The more grace we have moving through them, the easier they will be.  

I believe there are not big or little transitions - there are just transitions.  We have to move through all of them in a similar manner no matter what the transition may be.  I believe that all transitions have components that can be broken down for us to tackle step by step.  If we move through one step at a time, this will help us tremendously - alt...

There are several practices and aspects of Qigong that can help build resilience.  I find the biggest part of it is learning to be in the present moment and setting a positive intention for oneself of all things being perfect and that nothing outside the present moment is relevant.  When we are here in this moment, when we can be with our breath, life is easier, life is rich, and joy and health can be felt.  

On another level, Qigong helps to build physical resilience after weakness, injury or surgery.  The movements are very gentle and slow, suitable for all abilities and skill level...

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