April 5, 2018

Sutra I.2 Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.

Sutra II.30 The yamas are nonviolence, truthfulness, refraining from stealing, celibacy and renunciation of unnecessary possessions.

I recently started working with a new client who is in his mid-fifties. Although his original thoughts for choosing to work with me started around some physical limitations, I quickly realized we would be working with his thoughts, teaching him how to live an authentic life and what that would mean to him. It is one of the major differences between Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga. Therapeutic...

December 1, 2017

Last month I wrote about the body and how the yoga system outlines living in a healthy  one. The month before I wrote about the mind-body connection and how we can sustain a healthy connection. This month, my goal is to introduce you to the idea that we can all connect with and heal our spirits with our yoga practice.

The original yogis saw our bodies as a vessel containing five separate parts called koshas (koa-shas). Each of the five parts plays a vital role in our well-being. They are the physical body (annamaya), the energetic body (pranamaya), the mental body (manomaya), the intellectual b...

November 1, 2017

II.32 The observances are cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study of liberation and devotion (humility)

The niyamas (knee-yam-as - short ‘a’ sound), the second limb listed in the Eight Limbs of Yoga, are centered on one’s own personal discipline and practice. They are a guide to how to treat one’s vessel and live fully in health. In fact, both of the first two limbs of yoga discuss how to live a fully healthy life. What we in the West think of as “Yoga” doesn’t even get introduced until the third limb of the eight. Yoga is about living a fully healthy and fully functioning existence. The phy...

October 1, 2017

I.2 Yogas(h)-c(h)itta-vritti-nirodahah: Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.

A healthy mind is at the heart of yoga. The originators of the practice of yoga wanted to alleviate suffering in humans. A healthy mind-body connection is an essential component to alleviating suffering! There have been many studies linking healthy thoughts to a healthy body. The two are intertwined on all levels of the human condition. For example, when you are nervous about something, you don’t just think about it. You FEEL IT. You may have butterflies in your stomach or feel as though you can’t t...

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