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The Earth Element is the fertile soil that allows plants to grow and flourish to provide nourishment and sustenance; it gives protection and shelter as well as stability and substance.

Earth contains water, creates boundaries to define continents and carries us through space with stability. Earth represents safety, protection, and our home base.

Being centered, calm, and balanced, feeling at home, a...

From a counseling perspective, leisure activities have been proven to increase quality of life by decreasing stress, isolation, and depression. Exposure to new recreation activities can replace other negative coping skills such as drug use and self-harm. Kids who participate in summer programs often embrace new leisure skills that they can continue for the rest of their lives. Many children, some...

This event was created for several reasons; education, vision, gratitude, opportunity, and energy flow.

  • To educate the world about emerging medical research regarding Tai Chi and Qigong in our world today in the realms of healthcare, education, business and rehab to name a few.

  • To provide a global vision on cooperation for health and healing purposes across the world- to help us all to emb...

April 5, 2018

During the last 15 years, I’ve made huge leaps (including a career change). Yet each leap contained countless small steps. My path toward living life true was gradual. It’s hard to pinpoint a single moment, but eventually I had appropriate tools and enough practice, and my heart shifted. When I revert to old habits, I trust there’s a safe space within me: I reconnect with breath and awareness.


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